Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The following lines depict my eternal love for music so read on....music in my opinion is not just sound,beats,bass or even rythmn it means much more well atleast to me.For me music is any sound that has a particular tune any sound that can make you want to stop doing everything and just listen. The many people who know me know that ive always been very picky choosing my music, not all genres of music seem to interest me just a very few.Some people dont even like my choice of music well that's them and this is me.The kind of music that I listen to would have to be trance preferbly progressive or even psychadelic I like the music without the lyrics it makes much more sense to me that way and i can connect to it easily whereas lyrics just confuse me as the singers dont actually sing things that i would usually relate to i know weird theory but its true in my case. The whole point of music is just to calm us when we need it and to lighten up our spirit when we're most sullen. In my opinion the people who make music must be the luckiest little crows in the world what joy must come out of creating sound that makes at least a trillion people happy well that was when i was finally introduced to djing.....

Djing ,the art of mixing,creating and gelling with the crowd to a large extent ,it might sound like a piece of cake but i know that it isnt. I was first introduced to the art of it 2yrs back at a cousins place where he taught me how to virtual dj on the computer itself, it took me a little while to get the hang of it but at the end of an hour, atleast I thought I was a pro at it and after that day thats all I wanted to do but doing it on the computer and doing it in front of a large crowd well there's a helluva lot of difference in it and I noticed that when I went to my 1st party ,there was a dj standing right at the front on an elevated platform and well he was having a great time at what he was doing but he also had to handle the music,mix it ,play the songs of the crowds preference and also communicate with them there was also a point at which he used to get off the platform and join the crowd whilst the record was left playing unattended to on the deck ,thats when I saw a real professional dj at work and although I knew that this job is not at all easy I still wanted to learn it so bad. I had heard of djing courses taking place here in bangalore but i wasnt keen to do it as doing a course for just one month did'nt seem to satisfy me I wanted to learn it in full detail a more indepth study if you will, I was keen to know more of music to see how it is done for real so thats why my plan is to do atleast a 6mnth course on music and djing after my graduation. After that day comes i just might be even half of what dj tiesto is or mac dairy or even carl cox are. For when one is on top of that deck and is playing music for the people theres just one thought that comes to mind and that is to make these people groove to your music and to just see them dance at the music you made and created is an honour by itself, to see happy people celebrating their life and moving to the sound well that moment just makes any dj happy and jus like any job has its pleasures this is just one of them when it comes to djing. for when a crowd livens up at a party and groans when you leave that's just the proudest moment to have the pride at that time is like a reflex and that's why im saying....djing is my dream.


  1. Hmm......very true for all arts :)
    Music is for all occasions and all moods. Need to be worshiping music. Its sacred :P
    Got your back on the becoming of DJ part :)